Nov 7, 2011

Rainbow in October

Bella's birthday was last month and to celebrate it we had a small gathering at home. The inspiration for the rainbow theme came from this cake.

Since I don't have too much time during the day I had to stay up late several nights baking and making invitations. I also tried to make some pom-poms but I turned out to be a fiasco as a pom-pom maker.

Bella had a blast that day, she was fascinated with the balloons, the candy and of course with the cake!


-  El cumple de Bella fue el mes pasado y para celebrarlo organizamos una reunion pequeña en casa. El tema de la fiesta fue arcoiris (La inspiracion vino de este pastel)

Como no tengo mucho tiempo durante el dia, me la pase varias noches horneando y haciendo las invitaciones. Tambien trate de hacer unos pom-poms pero resulto ser un fracaso, eso no se me da.

Bella la paso genial ese día. Estaba fascinada con los globos de colores, los dulces y porsupuesto con el cake!


  1. I love rainbow cakes and yours turned out great. Once for easter, I made rainbow cupcakes in light easter like pastel colors. It looked beautiful but my niece thought it would "taste like colors" instead it tasted like white cake and she wasn't too excited about it. I wish I knew what she thought colors should taste like.

    1. mmm rainbow cupcakes, I have to make some...

  2. Fun birthday cake! And I just want to say that I'm glad you listened to your heart and followed your dreams! :)


  3. Oh and I also really like that you write out everything in both english and spanish. You're so inclusive :) I'm sure it takes you much more time, so I want you to know that I appreciate that!


    p.s. Happy Birthday Isabella!